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Rising sea levels bring many economically viable opportunities for public and private investors. Investing in Future Water Proof Corporation (FWPC) means investing in secure capital growth in terms of: financial assets; patent ownership; shareholder dividends; and a great stimulus for the whole economy.
The network of investors in FWPC is currently unavailable as per confidentiality agreements; however, the areas of interest and industry sectors covered will undoubtedly mean there are great opportunities for your business too.



The rise in sea levels guarantees great profits
in several areas of business. Aside from the more obvious professions such as landscaping, architecture, urban design and planning, and civil engineers, or private companies which operate, maintain and regulate critical infrastructures, there are entirely new industry sectors beginning to flourish. For this reason, board directors and shareholders should consider climate change as an opportunity for expansion and incorporate innovative environmental investments into their future business models. These investments will bring new services, clients and hi-tech products, thus increasing share value and providing an even more prosperous future.

Key private investors in FWPC:

• Construction enterprises concerned with the adaptation and development of infrastructures.
• Residential and commercial real estate companies.
• Insurance firms concerned with flooding water issues.
• Banks dealing in mortgages and investment funds.
• Tenants associations.
• Any company concerned with obsolete or vacant properties.
The human and socio-economic impacts of sea level rise ensure it is of interest to policy makers, who need to invest in this great challenge of renovation. Politicians, institutions and leaders need to invest for the sake of their public image, and in order to have plans and funds ready to prosper in the future. Public fund investment enjoys widespread political support through the benefits it provides and the many jobs it creates. In addition, investments in new residential and infrastructure developments will generate great tax revenues and returns on funds lent to public and private entities. Such investment opportunities appear on many levels of public institutions: from the local, such as the city, state, federal and regional agencies and authorities, to the global, such as governments, NGOs and international organisations like the IMF.

Key public investors in FWPC:

• The Department of Planning, Housing and Economic Development.
• The Department of Conservation and Development.
• The Department of Transportation.
• Cities Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability.
• Environment agencies.
• Universities undertaking research in economic development, architecture, civil engineering, topography.
• Port administrations.


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